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Healthy Easter Habits

Healthy Easter Habits

For most, Easter is a time for family, faith and fun. More than 80% of Americans join with their loved ones to celebrate the holiday. It should come as no surprise these celebrations often lead to overconsumption of food and candy. I mean, who hasn’t eaten their weight in chocolate bunnies on Easter Sunday, right?

However, for those with dietary restrictions or chronic health conditions, the overconsumption culture surrounding holidays can lead to disdain for food-focused gatherings like Easter. If you or a loved one can relate to this, worry no more; you might be surprised at how easy it is to find healthy alternatives and tips for your Easter celebration.

Portion Size

No one said you can’t enjoy your favorite candy on Easter! Most of the sweet treats we know and love come in fun-sized options. These small treats are perfect for making sure you stay away from overindulgence while still allowing you to take part in the fun. Here’s something you might not have realized: these smaller sized candy bars also aid in fighting off feelings of guilt and the temptation to go down the rabbit hole (pun very much intended) of candy craze.    

Make Your Own Easter Treats

I already know what you’re thinking: “Great! Another thing on the to-do list!” Just hear me out, by the end of this paragraph you’ll be rethinking that eye roll I felt you do. Making your own treats is another great way to take your health into your own hands. While making your copy cat treats, you can substitute things like milk chocolate for dark chocolate, which has less sugar. Also, consider making Easter-shaped Jello treats – most Jello flavors have reduced or sugar free options as well. These little changes may seem small, but they make a big impact, especially since they make your family and friends with dietary restrictions feel included.

For those of you with little ones, look at this as an opportunity to teach them about healthy alternatives to their favorite candy. You may even be able to slide a little math lesson in there when you incorporate the use of measuring cups into the creation of recipes.

Take Your Easter Activities to the Next Level

You can’t have Easter without an egg hunt! Take your traditional egg hunt up a notch by adding fun things like requiring participants to bunny hop while on their search or challenge them to do lunges or bear crawls on their way to their next egg. For those who don’t participate in the egg hunt, start up a kickball game or three-legged race! Raising heart rates by incorporating more physical activity into your gathering is easy and loads of fun.

The World is Your Easter Egg

The possibilities of a fun, health conscious Easter are endless! By integrating portion control,  homemade treats and more heart-pumping activity to your Bunny Day you are sure to truly enjoy your day guilt-free. 

Visit your local YMCA for pre and post Easter workouts; our fitness classes are an egg-cellent place to start!

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