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YMCA Golden Crescent: Strengthening Communities One Member at a Time

The Essence of YMCA

The YMCA stands as a beacon of community growth and individual transformation. While its reach spans across thousands of communities nationwide, its commitment to the local neighborhoods remains steadfast and true. With the spirit of positive change emanating from every corner, the YMCA has made a difference in the Golden Crescent Texas region for well over a century.

Barbara Bauer Briggs Family YMCA: At the Heart of Victoria

Address: 1806 N. Nimitz, Victoria, TX 77901
Contact: 361-575-0511

Delving deeper into the spirit of the YMCA, the Barbara Bauer Briggs Family YMCA in Victoria is a testimony to what community-centric actions can achieve. For 118 years, this establishment has been the ears and voice of the Crossroads Texas community, bridging societal gaps and bringing individuals from myriad backgrounds together. It’s a haven where potential is nurtured and where every individual, regardless of their background, finds the resources and encouragement to flourish.

Calhoun County YMCA: Port Lavaca's Pillar of Strength

Address: 713 HWY 35 South, Port Lavaca, TX 77979
Contact: 361-551-2562

Within the scope of the YMCA’s mission in the Golden Crescent region, the Calhoun County YMCA in Port Lavaca stands out prominently. This branch epitomizes the YMCA’s commitment to community improvement and individual development. More than just a facility, it’s a testament to dedication, aiming for both collective betterment and the growth of its individual members. Through its efforts, the Calhoun County YMCA continuously showcases the core values and goals of the wider YMCA organization.

Guided by Judeo-Christian Principles

At the core of the YMCA is its profound mission to infuse Judeo-Christian principles into a plethora of programs, all aimed at fostering a holistic development of spirit, mind, and body. The influence of the YMCA is there not just when an individual opts for a healthy lifestyle, but when young minds are inspired by mentors and when communities unite for a collective cause.


Every single day, the YMCA of the Golden Crescent in Texas embarks on a mission to provide kids with a sanctuary, senior citizens with a hub of activities, and every community member with avenues for holistic well-being. This pursuit becomes even more poignant in turbulent times.

Supporting the YMCA‘s initiatives is a commitment to fostering a brighter future and building robust communities. Each contribution, regardless of its size, creates pathways for individuals to realize their potential, grow, and make a positive impact in their surroundings.

Join Us!

By becoming a part of this legacy, you’re not just supporting an institution but fostering the spirit of community, unity, and growth. Together, let’s make a difference.

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